About Helmig Haus

An idea into a reality...

Like many others with a blog, I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and to some, a friend. Born and raised in Queens, New York I have lived most of my life devoted to my family while trying to figure out the ins and outs of life. My life is chaotic, but only because I allow it be, it makes me feel alive. Constantly moving, always planning and always with a positive attitude that I can do anything, if I truly feel like it. 

*My first blog was called Organization Monkey, Feb 2014 (I have since abandoned that blog). I chose that name because Monkey is actually what my husband and I call each other (don't ask...lol) My original idea was to do the typical organization blog but as the months went by I realized that I kept wanting to post about how disorganized I was and how I was trying to fix this. I also realized that someone else had that name already established for years...my sincerest apologies to the original. I didn't want to restrict myself with just writing about organization, it just wasn't me. Then I remembered that back in January I had actually come up with the title ©HelmigHaus, it was the name that I used on invites when I held an event at my apartment. The problem was that I wasn't comfortable using my last name since it is very easy to trace and I didn't want anyone I knew finding my blog yet.

Helmig Haus is a peak into my insane corner of the world. But this blog isn't only about me, and what I think - its in collaboration with my two amazing daughters who make me a better person every day. They are my biggest source of inspiration, my reason to wake up every morning and face the day to come. My eldest, J is in her last years in college and well on her way to joining the ranks of us crazy adults. E, my baby, is in high school and enjoying all the growing pains of being a teenager.

Here we will share our ideas so that we can one day inspire at least one person the way others have inspired us. Each of us bring something different to the table, different voices, different ideas. While they will not be posting all that much I will be showcasing what interests them through this blog, Pinterest, Instagram and even Etsy.

Oh! and sorry, I forgot to mention that  Luna, the
 feline addition to our family, will be cropping up on a few 
posts from time to time since she is just so full of herself that she 
doesn't want to be left out!
I ask that you join us, reach out to us and interact with us, let us know what would make this blog even better! I want this blog to be a celebration and reflection of the delicate balance of family, work, life and insanity and how to keep it together while not losing our minds!

I am not the most organized woman in the world but I have a blast trying!


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