Thursday, November 17, 2016

Planning Thanksgiving and a Birthday

Thanksgiving is just a week away and for those that are hosting this year this means that it is crunch time. If you are anything like me, you've have been searching the internet high and low on how to make the perfect turkey and how to host a flawless holiday dinner.
Planning Thanksgiving by Helmig Haus
So to help you out I am going to copy some links to what has worked for me in the past as well as show you what I am planning this year.

Planning 101

Whether you are a minimalist or you go all out, the key to having a successful Thanksgiving dinner is planning in advance. Ways to plan are:

To send out invites or not? That is the question: Is it a formal gathering or casual? This is truly just a personal preference. This year I opted to create the invite but just post it as a Facebook event cover photo. 
Planning Thanksgiving
Our 2016 Thanksgiving Invite
The menu: Yes, for most, the turkey is a given, but what will be served alongside of this glorious dish? Traditional sides like sweet potato casserole? Or a more modern or even a healthier version of your family's favorite recipes. 

Make sure that you have enough food for everyone. In this case less is not more! You can find many free printables to help keep you on budget, help you calculate the right amount of food for your Thanksgiving crowd and keep you on track right up until you take that prize winning picture of your blue ribbon roasted turkey on Pinterest. 

Want the best, no fail turkey brine? You have to check out The Pioneer Woman's recipe. I have used this method year after year without fail and the bird comes out juicy and delicious every time. Want to know a little secret? For the juiciest turkey breast...flip the bird! No seriously, roast your bird breast-side down for most of the cooking time, only flipping it right side up when it is time to give it that golden brown tan. It won't be the prettiest bird, but you'll thank me for it.
Planning Thanksgiving
Photo: The Pioneer Woman website
Decorating: let's face it, until recently not much stock was placed on decorating for Thanksgiving, but now it is so thrilling to see how people are embracing the trend of decorating beyond the dinning room table. Great sources of inspiration can be found on Pinterest and YouTube. The best stores to buy decorations and servingware, without breaking the budget, are:

Traditions: Keeping family traditions is what this holiday is all about. Watching or even playing football, choosing teams for a hilarious game of charades, sitting around watching old home movies and reminiscing about old times are just some of the things that keep drawing families back home. Don't have any of these or don't care for them? Make your own!

This will be our first Thanksgiving in our new home and even though I created my own 12 page Thanksgiving planner I am just so far behind. I created it in mid-October... and I just printed it 2 days ago. There was just no way I could focus with all the craziness going on right now. But host a Thanksgiving dinner (and my daughter's 17th birthday) I will.

Two of my greatest sources of inspiration are Jen from Pretty Neat Living and Nikki from At Home with Nikki. Both ladies are masters at organizing but especially during the holidays. If you have never seen these videos, I highly recommend you do so. *warning, these links will open up in YouTube so adjust your speakers if you are at work!

Follow me on Instagram @ enlforever91.helmighaus and Facebook @ Helmig Haus where I will be posting pics of my Thanksgiving prep, setup and decor, the birthday girl and her cake and maybe even a little bit more...maybe I will get a little adventurous and post a mini IG video or something, who knows... 

Need more inspiration? Click on my Thanksgiving Pin board for some quick ideas.

For a more in-depth post about our family's Thanksgiving traditions click here.

Happy Holidays! ♥OX (love, hugs + kisses)


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  1. So many fab tips!!! I love TJ Maxx or Homegoods, especially for seasonal decor! Target also has a ton of great stuff :) The invite you made is so cute girl, love! Happy Holidays :) xo.


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