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My Bullet Journal: Life Organized

My Bullet Journal: Life Organized

As promised in my last post, I said that I would go more in depth and show more of my bullet journal planner. I gotta say that sharing it so publicly is sort of daunting. A planner is a very personal thing, it records as much or as little as we care to write within it. It's so intimate, nevermore so than when you are keeping tabs of what you consider the most important to you. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

I must confess, I follow great bullet journal enthusiasts through Instagram and am a part of four different bullet journal Facebook groups. All of those people are so very talented, they have taken Ryder's original idea and have made such beautiful spreads that are constantly evolving as they devise systems to fit their needs. And then there are others who show the beauty in the simplicity of their journals, people who inspire me not through their decoration but instead with what and how they track their collections and tasks. Where do I fit into all of this...somewhere in between :)

For reference: I use a Moleskine squared notebook, a pencil to plan my pages and a Pilot precise V7 RT pen, various sized post it notes and colored pencils. I love washi tape, but for some reason it doesn't look right to me in my BuJo (short for bullet journal) and I wouldn't imagine putting stickers in it. I love the black and white look with just a few hints of color.

My journal key page and index

Some people using the bullet journal system suffer with the forward planning aspect that they are accustomed using a traditional planner. By using this yearly calendar forward planning is no longer a problem!
My calendar - a full year in review/forward planning
My favorite part of using the bullet journal system is keeping track of the little things... the goals that I have set for myself, places I would love to visit, my bucket list, even tracking movies that are coming out that I want to see and books that I should (or am dying) to read.

My 2016 Goals / places to visit in 2016 and my Bucket List Collections

Movies I want to watch / Books I want to read and my Level Up Collections

I use the monthly tracker to remind me of appointments, special events and holidays, all at a glance. Yes, I am migrating some information from the yearly calendar to the monthly but I find that in doing so it helps to reinforce my biggest weakness - not remembering about an upcoming event until the very last minute. (or Facebook surprising me that it is someone's birthday...)

My April monthly calendar at a glance
Another feature that evolves month to month is the monthly tracker, otherwise known as a habit tracker. I have seen a few different types of habit trackers, if there is a habit that you are looking to track it's best to use a system that will work for you.

The beginning of my April monthly tracker
There is one spread that I am working hard to tweak, it is titled "This Week".I have one page for my home and another for my blog and Etsy shop. I just recently starting using this and  I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want/need to keep track of. I also am a Realtor and wonder if I should track certain things in my personal BuJo or if I should create a new one exclusively for my real estate business. On the home spread I am tracking meal planning, water intake, and non-date specific tasks that I want to accomplish that week. On my business page I track when and if I post on social media, a task list for the blog, items I need to focus on in my Etsy account, my current works in progress projects, social media stats and a wish list of items that I am considering buying and need to research.

My "This Week" spread for home and business tracking
Last, but not least, is the weekly spread. I used to just focus on one day at a time, repeating the same template, daily. Now I take two pages and split them evenly, leaving space to doodle and write in quotes that speak to me that week. I also track the weather and the temperature, I think its cute and fun to be able to look back and see what the weather was like during a particular time in my life and see if and how it influenced my tracking that day.

My weekly spread in my BuJo.
I can't tell you how much more organized I've become. Being able to create my own journal, tailored to my exact needs has led me to make such amazing changes in my life. It has made me become more organized in my home. I have finally recreated the cleaning schedule that I wrote out for myself all the years ago at the beginning of my marriage. It has also kept me hyper focused on my finances, paying down debt that has been holding me and my family back from enjoying life and each other. It frees up my thoughts so I can focus on more important things, my family.

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