Friday, March 25, 2016

Back at the Helm...

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with things going on in your life that you tend to drift away from that which once gave you joy? That is exactly what happened to me in 2015. I was doing way too much, trying to do it all and one day I just threw my hands up and gave up. Working my 9-5, trying to grow the shop, getting back into real estate and all the work that goes into making just one blog post, not to mention promoting it, just burned me out.

So here I am, more than a year since my last post, testing the waters so to speak. To be honest I miss blogging, however my life is no less hectic. I am still working a full time job, but now its more like a 7am-3:30pm, I am still in real estate (part time) and J and I are still running the shop. I know this is not realistic, but I am a person that cannot stay idle for long. Yes, nothing is getting my full attention, therefore nothing has really taken off but I am still testing the waters as to what works and what doesn't. My biggest problem has been that I have been hard on myself, seeing only the failures and not seeing the small successes that I have experienced. I don't know about you but I tend to be very critical of all that I do and what I expect out of life.

But I am a little more focused now, I know that I have limits, so here is what I plan for this year (kind of like my mini mission statement):
  • I will post at least once a week on this blog and share it into my current social media accounts.
  • My main focus will be talking about crafting and our Etsy shop
  • There will be posts about my current interests: (how I plan my week, a peak into my journaling style, books that interest me, current and future projects as well as budgeting and debt reduction)
This is by all means not an exhaustive list. I am pretty sure that other ideas will come to me as my mind is always jumping to new ideas which I tend to research to death.

But I am curious, have you every experienced a year long burn out? How did you handle it? Did you ever get back into the swing of things and continued on, business as usual? Or, did you give it all up and started new?

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you come back real soon! ♥XO (Love, Hugs & Kisses)


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